SEEKOM VENTURES PVT. LTD. is a branch of SEEKOM GLOBAL (UK) LTD. We have an international association of producers, refiners, fabricators, scientists, users, financial institutions, merchants, private and public sector groups, and the general precious metals community formed to provide a forum for the exchange of information and technology. SEEKOM seeks and promotes the efficient and environmentally sounds use, reuse, and recycling of precious metals from both primary and secondary sources.

SEEKOM aims to furnish timely, economic, environmental and information for the benefit of our customers. We provide the necessary networking opportunities in the global market. Antiques can often draw a deep historical connection for people when they realize the age of the pieces that they find at antique dealers. We are committed to serve our customers with Integrity, Professionalism and the Expertise.

SEEKOM have been providing services to many international clients all over the world, particularly from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries through thousands of investment projects. Our staff has extensive experience and expertise in consulting in all areas of business including:

Manufacturing Industries, Agriculture, Real Estate, Construction, Transportation and Logistics, Tourism, Distribution, Banking/Finance, Entertainment Services, Training/Education, Healthcare, High-Technology, Telecommunication, etc. We support our clients from when they decide to enter the Indian business environment in establishing their business presence in India and provide them with our services throughout the duration of their investment in India. Additionally, we also provide services to domestic companies, corporations and government offices in all areas of business. Our services include

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions transactions require attention to detail, careful planning, and hands-on leadership to ensure success. Combining two organizations, blending cultures, joining workforces, capturing synergies and harmonizing processes—all while maintaining ongoing operations—can challenge even the most successful companies. SEEKOM applies professional project and portfolio management to Mergers and Acquisitions activities from beginning to end. This approach ensures organizational alignment, clarifies responsibilities, and prioritizes the most critical activities so the company begins realizing benefits as quickly as possible, without disrupting performance.

Business Establishment

We provide on-the- ground assistance for clients who wish to set up their business operations is focused on helping Small medium and Big size business visionaries, Business proprietors to begin, oversee and development your business with true serenity at a reasonable cost.

Our aim is to educate the business person on the lawful and administrative prerequisites and be a partner through the whole business lifecycle, offering backing to the organization at each phase to ensure they are consistent and ceaselessly developing.

Corporate Restructuring

From experience leading both large multinational and mid-market organizations through unique challenges, SEEKOM applies in-depth knowledge and valuable foresight to help accomplish compelling results for you.

We help companies and investors enhance their aggregate expected return in times of uncertainty and deteriorating performance and development. We support you in managing processes and in distributing capital and investment — assessing your marketable strategies impartially. We likewise devise techniques to address potential covenant breaches, negotiating with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and different prerequisites.

SEEKOM has a dedicated and professional team serving all major areas of the Financial & Marketing consultancy services in the industry. Our work draws on the many years of experience in the field and the expertise of professionals in the world's most important Financial & Marketing consultancy center. Our expertise in Financial & Marketing consulting to identify high value prospects to acquire, develop targeted strategies to enhance customer value and services.

We develop and implement practices and processes for investing and handling projects using best practices. We can also assist you with the development and implementation that manages initiatives for a single department or the entire organization. Some of our projects include:

Project Management

Our team of experienced Project Managers will deliver qualifications to manage even the most complex programs based on your business needs. Our services include the ability to manage projects, programs and initiatives efficiently at whatever level is required. Our expertise consists of proven methodology and certified personnel that can deliver the results you require.

Few of the tasks that SEEKOM & Project Managers excel in:

  • Strategically aligning project deliverables with business objectives
  • Defining clear and comprehensive project scope
  • Defining, estimating, and planning project tasks with inter-dependencies to meet project objectives
  • Partnering with Steering Committees/Sponsors/PMO Leadership, to ensure key resources are available to deliver project commitments
  • Managing resources to ensure adherence to the project plan
  • Coaching and mentoring project resources
  • Adhering to corporate methodology and maintaining project artifacts
  • Defining and reporting key measures of success
  • Analyzing project performance, including cost/benefit analysis and recommending optimal solutions
  • Implementing project change requests and corrective actions to ensure project success
  • Consistently communicating with internal and external stakeholders outlining status, risks, issues, and action plans
  • Working effectively with business partners, vendors, technology, and the project team


SEEKOM helps clients improve their capital infrastructure and relocate operations when current equipment, buildings, and systems are outdated or not producing optimal results. SEEKOM’s professional project management consultants provide an objective third party perspective to represent your organization’s best interest. We drive activities throughout the duration of your project and mitigate risks in order to maintain tight control over scope, cost, quality, and time. SEEKOM’s professional project management approach to capital projects ensures stakeholder involvement, minimal disruption to ongoing business, and maximum productivity.

Types of Capital Projects include:

  • Plant, warehouse, and distribution center capacity and capability expansion
  • Capital program management
  • Company consolidation and integration
  • Equipment and system installations and upgrades
  • Space planning and physical relocation


SEEKOM Technologies was formed to provide latest and high quality software solutions to business all over the world. The organization's key areas are in Software Product Development, Consulting, Training, Software as a service (SaaS) offering, Product Support and Hosting.

An in-house team is focused on continuous product and solution innovation to remain a step ahead in providing latest solutions. It thus reduces the time required to deliver a solution, which results in cost saving to customers. The software development team is equipped with highly skilled and experienced software professionals having exposure in various industry segments.

  • Custom software development
    We believe every business is unique like individuals. In order to run your unique business model efficiently, you need uniquely designed and developed software. We are here to help you achieve your goal with custom web applications, mobile apps and perfectly crafted cloud solution to scale your business whenever you need it.

  • Technology partner for product development
    Entrepreneurs and Startups, we can partner with you! We have expertise and experience in developing web and mobile products and services. If you have an idea for a new business, we can be your development partner and help you succeed in the shortest possible time. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can assist in giving shape to your ideas. We will walk with you to understand and develop your business. We can start with a minimum viable product and grow into a full blown enterprise application.

  • Technology consulting and training
    Need expert advice or solution? Our experienced team can help you. Little rusty on latest technologies or are you a fresher who need a head start in your career? We offer special hands on training to put you on a fast track. We have experienced mentors who will guide you in technical knowhow and share their work experience. The intensive training gets you ready for the industry.

SEEKOM PRODUCTIONS is a UK based production house specializing in TV Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production. UK is one of the top hubs of film production globally today. We have been associated with some of the best technicians, talent, post studios.

The core team is hugely experienced, with experiences ranging from music video to daily advertising to feature films.

Our directorial talent is pretty evolved, creating ads and films that showcase stunning visual effects, hard-hitting performances and full scale animation films.

SEEKOM is now looking to associate with good agencies and production house partners globally. We would like to help companies across the world leverage talent and location options as a hardworking and honest partner they would like to do business with. A one stop shop for all your movie/video productions, SEEKOM PRODUCTIONS takes care of the whole process from start to finish. Our production services include:

  • Script Writing
    Tell us your goals and we’ll transform them in beautiful words and evocative images.

  • Production Design
    Putting the right crew together and designing the best look for your project is the goal of our business.

  • Casting
    Male, female, kid or elderly - we’ll find the right talent for your project.

  • Shooting
    Shooting is the heart of the trade. Whether a simple interview, a large-scale commercial or a big budget movie we’ll strive our best to deliver up to your expectations.

  • Editing
    Piece by piece, your story comes together.

  • Graphic Design / Animation
    Need a cool logo, intro or a full on character animation, we can do it.

  • Voice Over
    Smooth or deep, in English, or in any other regional languages in India, we work with the best, from all around the world.

  • Sound
    Mixing, sound design and music will add an extra dimension to your project.

  • Implementation
    Because making sure that your video is well-liked is our priority, we also help you with implementing it the right way.

SEEKOM give more importance to have a long term solution, rather than just a NGO who supplies the basics like:

  • Rice - which in turn destroy the local market for the rice-growing farmers
  • Stationery – which normally lasts for 2-3 weeks and then parents are forced to buy the replacements, which they can’t afford.


We believe that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems. We’re dedicated to helping young people succeed. We open doors for youth with a holistic approach that emphasizes life skills in combination with a mix of technical, vocational, and entrepreneurship training. As a result, young people are prepared to enter the workforce, create their own opportunities, and be agents of change in their communities.



The children in our communities don't have to stop learning when the sun sets. A light bulb gives them more time in the day for homework and helps them improve in school. In rural areas, children are two times less likely to attend school than their urban counterparts. Typically, the most impoverished children are the least likely to be able to attend.

There are about 61 million children—or one out of every 10—in the world without access to education. And roughly 49 percent of those children are predicted to never enter a school. More than 95 percent of the children without access to education live in the developing world. For families living in poverty, the quest for education presents itself as a double-edge sword: Not only is school too expensive, but their families need more field-work help to provide income, or help gathering water for the family.


We empower young people to succeed in self-employment, because we know that the global market can’t keep pace with the vast numbers of young people entering every year.

As these entrepreneurs start new businesses, we’ve witnessed their power to create new jobs and help shape local economies. Our entrepreneurship initiatives give young men and women the foundational knowledge, training, and resources to start, lead, and grow small and micro enterprises.


Farming and animal rearing are major financial resources in our communities. Milk from cows and goats can provide nutrition for children and increase income.

Today, approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty. Surviving on less than $1.25 each day, these men, women and children face a heightened susceptibility to disease and hunger because of their surrounding conditions. Often having little possessions and no education, they have few options for providing income for their families.


Without toilets or latrines, human waste creates rampant diseases in our communities. Eliminating defecation in riverbanks improves water conditions and community health. Because children under five do not yet have fully-developed immune systems, they are especially at risk for diseases.

In rural, impoverished areas, access to health clinics and medicines is scarce. More than 1.3 billion people lack access to essential medicines. Studies show that, each year, more than 1 million people die from malaria, more than 1 million people die from HIV/AIDS, and thousands die from dengue fever.


When we help our communities build water wells, they no longer fear water-related diseases. Eliminating hours of walking allows children to spend their time on education. Women and children most often bear the burden of gathering water. Walking for several hours a day to find a water source, they waste precious time that could be spent in school or generating income.

An astounding 800 million people in the world lack access to clean water; and as a result, they have no choice but to drink dirty, and often, contaminated water. Every year, more than 3 million people die from water-related diseases. Children under five are especially at risk.

Often uneducated about the consequences of drinking contaminated water, families living in poverty practice open defecation in the same riverbanks they drink from. Without necessary toilets or latrines, drinking contaminated water becomes an anchored and continuous cycle. More than 2 billion people in the world lack access to adequate sanitation; but understanding and practicing clean sanitation techniques is a fundamental element that can change the fates of impoverished families for generations.


SEEKOM will soon have a dedicated website that allows people to give money directly to others. 100% of what is donated via SEEKOM goes directly to those in need. This may be for Education, Health or any contingencies. The beneficiary and the donor(s) will be kept informed.

We will ensure that the requests are genuine and confirmed by our Admin & Legal team (comprising or religious heads, police and advocates).

    REQUIRED STATE WISE AGENTS – INDIA SEEKOM GROUP is looking for dynamic Organization(s) or individual(s) state wise to represent us in promoting our business in their locations.

    Good knowledge about our line business with good network of individual who can go in various parts of locations and identify the materials.

    SEEKOM Group will support the agency in all ways to promote the business. On identifying the material SEEKOM Group will depute its representative to meet personally and do the business.

    SEEKOM GROUP charges movement fees for materials. Agents will stand to get 10% of the movement fees for each movement. Apart from the movement fees, they will also be entitled for a handsome commission on each deal. They will also be rewarded by way of incentives from any of the deal SEEKOM Group makes after the agent joins the company.

    Organization or individual who are interested in joining are required to send their details by mail.
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